Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. I am no good at building stuff, can I do it?

A. If you can build a piece of flat packed furniture, you can build a ShawBoard ramp kit. You'll need some basic tools & an electric drill/screwdriver. Most half pipe ramps are easily built in a day or so.


Q. How much do you charge for other Half Pipes or Ramps?

A. Take a look at the prices section for more info 


Q. What size/type of Ramps do you sell?

A. All types, Quarter pipes, Half Pipes, Grind Boxes, Jump Ramps etc

Q. I've seen your prices but don't see the exact ramp I want, do you build custom ramps?

A. Yes. we can build custom ramps to fit your exact requirements but they may be more expensive than the ones on our site.  Just email your sizes for a custom quote.

Q. What is included in this Quarter Pipe Kit?

A. All the specialist pre cut parts for transitions, platforms, platform boards. Structural timber joists, steel coping rails, fixing screws/fasteners and build instructions. 

Q. What surface should I put the Ramp ramp on?

A. Half pipes can be placed on grass, dirt, gravel or concrete. The surface has to be roughly level. 

Quarter pipes need to be placed over a hard surface such as concrete or Tarmac. Fortunately, the quarter pipes are mobile and can be moved in and out of the garage, driveway or side access.

Q. Are plastic ramps any better than your wooden ramps?

A. Wooden ramps are the riding choice of top pro skaters, they don't ride cheesy plastic ramps! Any professional skater that builds their own personal ramp will always create the ramps with wood. Our ramps are more proffesional, durable, stronger, and will out perform any plastic out there!

Q. How long does it take to receive my order?

A. It typically takes 2-3 weeks from order to delivery. This can be a little longer at peak times of the year. 

Q. My son/daughter is new to skating, how do I know which ramp to buy?

A. Confidence and skill levels build quickly when you are on your own ramp. Our customers don't spend ages waiting for a turn on the ramps at the skate park! Even young children quickly gain confidence and ability by just spending time on the ramp. With this in mind, its good to give them a ramp that is both fun but challenging, which will hold their interest. A 4' high half pipe is therefore a great option for ages 6 -16 years.